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How to hire IT
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once famously said, "A great engineer is worth 100 average engineers." However, a recent Robert Half survey found that 69% of the IT executives interviewed are having difficulty finding people with the skills they need.

How does one hire an IT professional? Does the personnel director simply pick the applicant with the most letters in front of his name? Computer programming is an esoteric field. Only a good programmer knows a good programmer from a bad programmer. While communication skills and intra-organization networking is great, it means nothing if he or she can't code.

If graphic design or html emails are what your firm needs, hiring a specialist is a lot easier, but if you need someone to make your web presence stand out, If you need someone to present options that perhaps simply were never recognized before or code applications to stream line your online customer interface or give customers more options, selecting a qualified candidate can be challenging.

Offered here is a simple on the spot test for IT candidates. The test is designed so that the answers can be understood by an executive level human resources officer responsible for hiring. There are only four questions. They should take no more than an hour to answer. The time required to answer is a very good indication of skill. If you are interested in the answers to the questions, email me. or jerry@jerrywickey.com

View the test. Print this test out. An applicant's performance on this test quickly and unambiguously demonstrates ability.

Have you seen your own web page as Search Engine Bots see it?

Do you use Wix, DevHub, SnapPages, Webs, GetShopped or Webnode? These are very popular because they make incorporating Flash and other hot new technologies easy, but what does the page look like to web bots?

It is the web bots, primarily of Yandex and Google which read the content of your page and index them accordingly. Search bots are looking for the actual content, not what the page says its content is supposed to be.

I used my own bots to find what some pages look like to a search bot. Below is a Wix page.

<title>Your Page Title
<!-- SEO redirect:
<meta name="title"
<meta name="keywords"
<meta name="description"

That's it! That is all search engines get.

Search engines don't even rank title, keywords and description anymore because of obvious abuse. They parse the actual page for html content and look at what is actually on the page. They also shun AJAX because the content of the page could change after its loaded.

It is to address this, most Web Site Builders claim, search bots are redirected. An alternate site twin to your own which contains a bot friendly duel version of your site.

I tested this with my own web bots. It turns out that my bots were not directed there when they requested the page from the server.

The bot friendly page is not the page my bots saw nor that search bots for google and others see. I had my own bot, botproject.jerrywickey.net, request the page; and I had my bot request the page identifying myself as the most popular search engines, YandexBot/3.0, and Googlebot/2.1 but in neither cases did it redirect. In both cases I got only the spartan code above.

It shouldn't be that difficult to get a bot readable page. I am sure Wix and SnapPages claim that search engines give redirected AJAX pages the same search criteria credibility, but I seriously doubt it. And... it would not be in google's better interest to point that out.

My strategy has always been to think SEO from the initial design of the page, especially in the use of AJAX, a technology fundamental to modern, customer responsive web pages.

Google bot is no longer the top bot on the net. Not today nor for the last several months. There are only 69 bots in the world as of this writing. The top Web search bots as of today and their numbers can be seen on my software at here.

Rèsumè   Jerry Wickey
Do you have any use for my talents, or do you know someone who does?  

Below are samples of my programming work.  While, I also author web pages, my skills are put to far better use writing the software that makes web pages, computers and electronics do interesting and useful things.  Such as that exemplified in my work below.

Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic
Perform arithmetic functions on obscenely large or small numbers to arbitrary precision.

My iPhone app let one hear the sequence of nucleotides in human mitochondrial DNA as musical notes. However, I discontinued it due to lack of interest. I write native iPhone and Android apps for an extra fee.

A marketing idea:  bringing the supermarket tabloid marketing model to the web with consumer driven content.

Interactive travel software shows users where pedi-cabs are in real time and allows them to hail a cab with a single click. This software provides advertisers the ability to advertise in real time and for user proximity.

3D Replication Station
Interactive maps, forum and marketplace. All of which I developed.

Heirs of Abraham

Seamless integration of robust encryption and security.

Molecular Evolution

Adjust the variables and observe numerical software simulation of molecular evolution leading to speciation.


Search the text of the Christian Bible for ideas and concepts not just the spelling of words.

This following is intended for those knowledgable in the IT industry.

Artificial Intelligence

A computer can think like a human being.

My Proprietary Function Library

I offer the function library gratis, pro bono. It offers robust public key encryption for web pages without requiring SSL as well as AJAX and other useful functions.

Device Synch Demo

Any number of computers or devises in any locations, proximal or remote from each other can be "synched up" simply by navigating to the foregoing URI

Six colored clickable buttons appear in the middle of the screen. Tapping any will change the background color to the color of the button. The background color of all devices that are "synched" will also change to the same color. Enter a device name ( upper right) That name will appear on all devices in the synch group.

Any number of groups each containing any number of devices can be generated in real time simply by tapping the same sequence of colors on all devices intended to join the same group within 10 seconds. Multiple groups of devices can be synched, the devices of each group are independent of the other groups.

I design electronic circuits as well.  Watch satellite TV on a moving boat with an antenna that follows the satellite as the boat moves.  I designed the electronics that make it work and offer the units for sale on the Internet.

Satellite Magnet circuit board
Click to enlarge images of the electronic logic circuit boards, I designed, and which drives the Satellite Magnet, a device which tracks satellite locations for satellite TV on boats.

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